Automotive Paint Gage with Flip Display

   Automotive Paint Thickness Gage
"The PosiTest DFT is excellent. We use it to measure paint thickness on automobiles"
TJ in New Jersey

Aluminum Car Chart

Why should I consider a PosiTest DFT Combo for measuring paint thickness on All Metals (steel, aluminum, etc.)?

For some time now, many hi-line automobile manufacturers have been taking advantage of the benefits of using aluminum body panels (fenders, etc.) to reduce the power to weight ratios of their higher end vehicles. Recently, domestic manufacturers have also begun using more aluminum in their production process as well. Ford Motor Company, for example, began equipping their Ford F-150's with aluminum hoods in 2002 to reduce concerns of heavy large steel hoods.

The PosiTest DFT Ferrous is designed to measure paint thickness on automobiles with steel body panels and will not work on aluminum. To measure paint thickness on both Steel and Aluminum the PosiTest DFT Combo is required.

The following is a partial list of manufacturers who use aluminum body panels.

Acura – NSX (all), RL (hood, decklid, fenders and trunk)
Aston Martin – Vanquish (body panels), DB9 (hood)
BMW– Z8 & 7 series (body panels), 6 Series (hood, doors, body panels)
Buick – LeSabre (hood), Park Avenue (hood), Rendezvous (liftgate)
Cadillac – CTS (hood), Deville (hood), Escalade (liftgate), Seville (hood)
Chevrolet – Suburban (liftgate), Tahoe (liftgate), Venture (hood)
Chrysler– Concorde, LHS, Pacifica (hoods)
Ferrari – 360 Modena (body panels)
Ford – Expedition (hood & liftgate), Explorer (hood and fenders), F-150 (hood), Lincoln Navigator (hood & liftgate), Lincoln LS (hood, fender & trunk lid), Ranger (hood), Lincoln Town Car (hood), GT (body panels), Mustang GT (hood)
GM – Yukon, Yukon XL (liftgates)
Honda – S2000 (hood), Insight (body panels)
Infiniti – Q (hood & trunk lid) I (hood & trunk lid)
Jaguar – XJ, S-type (hood)
Lancer – XJ, S-type (hood), Evolution VIII (roof)
Lexus – SC430 (hood)
Lotus – Elise Sport 190 (body panels)
Mercedes – CL500, SL500
Mercury – Mountaineer
Nissan – Altima, Maxima (hoods & trunk lids)
Oldsmobile – Aurora (hood & trunk lid), Silhouette (hood)
Opel – Speedster (body panels)
Panoz – Roadster (body panels)
Peugeot – 407 (hood)
Porsche – Cayenne (hood), 911 (hood)
Plymouth – Prowler (hood, doors & trunk lid)
Pontiac – Bonneville, Montana (hoods)
Range Rover/Land Rover – hoods, doors, side panels
Saab – 9-2X (hood)
Subaru – 9-2X (hood), GT (hood), Legacy (hood, bumpers, sunroof)
Volvo – (hoods & trunk lids)